Computational Constructs

Editors: Shouheng Chan + Shuyi Li + Josh Lobel

Architecture Press of China, 2010

Computational Constructs

This books is a collection of recent papers by the graduates of Computation group at MIT's Department of Architecture.

(English/Chinese dual language: 219 pages)
ISBN 978-7-112-11356-9

MIT Catalogue Entry

Forward by Dennis Shelden

Associate Professor of Practice, MIT

"In the pages of this folio, you will find a snapshot of the successes, struggles and ambitions of technologically adept practitioners, researchers, and educators. This snapshot is presented in raw form, as a compilation of research by the professionals who have created demanding problems whose solutions are as yet only partly determined. It is moreover the work of graduates who have maintained their roots to the computational ambitions of the program, and participate in an expanded network of and practice whose epicenter remains at MIT. It speaks to the strength of the extended community of the program both in academia and beyond to its ties to professional practice."


  1. Performance-Driven Architectural Design
    Stylianos Dritsas
  2. Correlation Between Digital Tooling and Advancement in Architecture
    Shouheng Chen
  3. Man with Movie Camera: An Approach to Synthetic Cinematography for Built Environments
    Panagiotis Chatzitsakyris, Takehiko Nagakura
  4. Integrated Design
    Eleftheria E. Fasoulaki
  5. Space Re-Actor: Walking a Synthetic Man through Architectural Space
    Taro Narahara
  6. Digital Fabrication Production System: Customization on Demand
    Dimitris Papanikolaou
  7. Computer Aids Design
    Josh Lobel
  8. Computing Yingzao Fashi
    Andrew I-Kang Li
  9. Computational Images/Computational Imaginary
    Alice Upitis
  10. Design Grammars: From Implicit to Explicit Rules
    Magdalini-Eleni Pantazi
  11. Design Analysis and Parametric Design: Introducing Parametric Models of Gaudi's Sagrada Familia
    Carlos Roberto Barrios
  12. Integrating CAD Drawings and Model-making: Computer-controlled Model-shop
    Gabriela Celani
  13. Scripts in Architecture Studio
    Daniel Cardoso
  14. Spatial Cognition as a Tool for Design of Mediated Spaces
    Marianthi Liapi