Maxwell's Dream

Kaustuv De Biswas + Daniel Rosenberg

On-campus installation for MIT +150 Celebration Week, May 7-8, 2011
Maxwell's Dream: Live on MIT Campus

date: May 8th, 2011
location: Infinite Corridor, MIT
room: Building 10 Community Lounge
video size: 90 seconds (3.5Mb)
format: QuickTime, 400x300 pixels
camera by: T. Nagakura



"An interactive mural created by magnetic fields that drive patterns of light, Maxwell's Dream is a visually expressive cybernetic loop" (the desiners' statement from the MIT + 150 pamphlet)

"Maxwell's Dream: Painting with Light"    (ARTS at MIT, May 2011).

More video footage on Vimeo

Kaustuv De Biswas and Daniel Rosenberg currently study towards Ph.D degree in Design and Computation at MIT's Department of Architecture.

Fig. 1

Painting with light

Fig. 2

Magnetic field creates pattens in light

Fig. 3

380 circuit boards + 380 LED's

Fig. 4

380 handles + 760 magnets

Fig. 5

Project for all ages