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Master of Science in Architectural Studies

The mission of the SMArchS program in the study area of Computation is to promote new approaches to computational theory and technique in relation to architectural design, and to challenge conventional distinctions between physical and virtual environments. Students take subjects and conduct research in computation and digital design technology, including visualization, shape computation, generative and parametric design, digital fabrication with CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping technologies, building information modeling, digital heritage, critical studies of digital and information technologies, and application of all of these to challenging real-world design problems. Students are strongly encouraged to take subjects in other discipline areas and in other departments as a means to explore their interests and to develop their own agendas in collaboration with their advisors. For research work samples from student thesis projects, please see the Alumani section in this website.

SMArchS Admissions
The Master of Science in Architectural Studies (SMArchS) degree is offered for students who already have a professional degree in architecture such as MArch and those interested in advanced non-professional graduate study. A student with a previous degree in a field other than architecture may be considered contingent on the merit of background and research orientation. The program in general is described in the Master of Science in Architecture Studies page on Architecture Department website.
Applicants to the SMarchS program in the study area of Computation are assessed on the basis of academic and creative potential. A portfolio demonstrating strength in design and focused statement of objectives outlining interests and goals in computation is very important. However, applicants are not expected or required to have advanced experience or skills in computation. Applications to the SMArchS program are reviewed by the Computation faculty and a student representative.
Applicants are encouraged to visit MIT, and to meet with faculty and students in the Computation Group to discuss the program and to get a good sense of the very rich academic environment. For details of the admissions process to SMArchS degree, please see the SMAarchS Admissions Information page on the Architecture Department website.
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SMArchS (Master of Science in Architecture Studies) Overview
SMArchS Admissions and Degree Requirements
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