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Research Affiliates
Kent  LarsonKent Larson- Principal Research Scientist
kll@mit.eduwebsite: http://architecture.mit.edu/house_n/
Kent Larson is director of House_n consortium and the MIT Open Source Building Alliance. Current research focuses on strategies for creating responsive places of living using new design/fabrication strategies. Larson practiced architecture for 15 years in New York City in partnership with Peter L. Gluck. His book, Louis I. Kahn: Unbuilt Masterworks was selected as one of the Ten Best Books in Architecture, 2000 by the New York Times Review of Books.
Affiliate Profile
Visiting Students
Debora  CruzDebora Cruz-
Student Profile
Erez   KlapperErez Klapper-
Student Profile
Myrsini  MamoliMyrsini Mamoli-
Student Profile
Machi  ZawidzkiMachi Zawidzki-
Student Profile
Administrative Staff
Hristina  DinevaHristina Dineva- Discipline Group Assistant
Hristina Dineva joined the department of Architecture in 2014. She serves as administrative assistant for the Computation discipline group and funding related assistant for Architecture department.
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