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The list below includes MIT alumni who hold PhD or SMArchS degrees in Design and Computation or those with theses supervised by Computation group faculty before Computation group was recognized as a discipline group within the Department of Architecture. The current list is incomplete as we are processing archival data from alumni database. Most of recent theses linked below are available on line in its entiety for MIT community, and only in its abstract for outside access through MIT library system.
Sergio Alejandro Araya   email  homepage  
      Performative Architecture   (2011, advisor: Stiny)
Saeed Abdlkarim Arida   email  homepage  
      More seeing in learning   (2011, advisor: Stiny)
Neri Oxman   email  homepage  
      Material-based Design Computation   (2010, advisor: Mitchell)
Anas Faris Alfaris   email  
      Emergence through Conflict: The Multi-Disciplinary Design System (MDDS)   (2009, advisor: Mitchell)
Franco Vairani   email  
      BitCar Design Concept for a Collapsible Stackable City Car   (2009, advisor: Mitchell)
Yanni A. Loukissas   email  
      Conceptions of Design in a Culture of Simulation   (2008, advisor: Porter)
Alise Upitis   email  homepage  
      Nature Normative: The Design Methods Movement, 1944-1967    (2008, advisor: Knight)
Xiaohua Sun   email  
      Color Progression - A Study of Temporal Visual Composition   (2007, advisor: Porter)
Maria do Rosario Thompson   email  
      Psychophysical Evaluations of Modulated Color Rendering for Engergy Perform...   (2007, advisor: Knight)
Mitchell W. Joachim   email  
      Ecotransology: Integrated Design for Urban Mobility   (2006, advisor: Mitchell)
Jacquelyn Martino   
      The Immediacy of the Artist’s Mark In Shape Computation: From Visualization...   (2006, advisor: Stiny/Knight)
Lira Nikolovska   email  
      Poetics of Furntiture: Augmenting Furniture with Technologies   (2006, advisor: Knight)
Carlos Roberto Barrios-Hernandez   email  
      Design Procedures: A Computational Framework for Parametric Design and Comp...   (2006, advisor: Mitchell)
Axel Kilian   email  
      Design Exploration through Bidirectional Modeling of Constraints   (2006, advisor: Nagakura)
Luis Antonio Dos San Romao   email  
      A Study of Illegal Housing of Lisbon Built in 1974 to 1984: From Descriptio...   (2005, advisor: Mitchell)
Sotirios D. Kotsopoulos   email  
      Constructing Design Concepts: A Computational Approach to the Synthesis of ...   (2005, advisor: Knight/Stiny)
Paul E. Keel   email  
      Knowledge Trading: Computational Support for Individual and Collaborative S...   (2004, advisor: Porter)
Haldane Liew   email  
      SGML: A Meta-Language for Shape Grammar   (2004, advisor: Nagakura)
Mine Ozkar   
      Uncertainties of Reason: Pragmatist Plurality in Basic Design Education   (2004, advisor: Stiny)
Altino Joao Rocha   email  
      Architecture Theory 1960-1980. Emergence of a Computational Perspective   (2004, advisor: Mitchell)
Dorothy J. Shamonsky   
      Tactile, Spatial Interfaces for Computer-Aided Design: Superimposing Physic...   (2003, advisor: Mitchell)
Maria Gabriela Celani   
      Beyond analysis and representation in CAD: a new computational approach to ...   (2002, advisor: Knight/Mitchell)
Dennis Robert Shelden   
      Digital Surface Representation and the Constructibility of Gehry's Architec...   (2002, advisor: Mitchell)
Singh Intrachooto   
      Technological Innovation in Architecture: Effective Practices for Energy Ef...   (2002, advisor: Scott/Porter)
Byong Mok Oh   
      A System for Image-Based Modeling and Photo Editing   (2002, advisor: Dorsey)
Jose Pinto Duarte   
      Customizing mass housing : a discursive grammar for Siza's Malagueira house...   (2001, advisor: Mitchell)
Andrew I-kang Li   
      A shape grammar for teaching the architectural style of the Yingzao fashi   (2001, advisor: Stiny)
Osama S. Tolba   
      A Projective Approach to Computer-Aided Drawing   (2001, advisor: Dorsey)
Birgul Meryem Colakoglu   
      Design by Grammars: Algorithmic Design in an Architectural Context   (2001, advisor: Stiny)
Evan Smyth   
      Designing Aesthetically Pleasing Freeform Surfaces in a Computer Enviroment   (2001, advisor: Mitchell)
Susan Yee   email  
      Building Communities for Design Education: Using Telecommunication Technolo...   (2001, advisor: Mitchell)
Lawrence Sass   
      Reconstructing Palladio's Villas: An Analysis of Palladio's Villa Design an...   (2000, advisor: Mitchell)
Megan Webster Yakeley   
      Digitally Mediated Design: Using Computer Programming to Develop a Personal...   (2000, advisor: Mitchell)
Michael C Monks   
      Audioptimization: Global-Based Acoustic Design   (1999, advisor: Dorsey)
B. Joseph Press   
      Building Community: Design in the Organizational Mind   (1999, advisor: Porter)
Glenn Edward Wiggins   
      Visual Understanding in Architectural Design   (1993, advisor: Porter/Schon)
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Masoud Akbarzadeh   email  
      Designing performative surfaces : computational interpretation of flow patt...   (2012, advisor: Nagakura)
Sarah Hovsepian   
      Digital material skins : for reversible reusable pressure vessels   (2012, advisor: Knight/Gershenfeld)
Joshua Wayne Ingram   email  
      [a]sorted selection : improving building performance and diversity using a ...   (2012, advisor: Knight/O'Reilly)
Moritz Philipp Kassner   
      PUPIL : constructing the space of visual attention   (2012, advisor: Knight/Winston)
Carl Richard Lostritto   email  
      Computing drawing : programming a vintage pen plotter   (2012, advisor: Stiny)
William Rhoades Patera   
      PUPIL : constructing the space of visual attention   (2012, advisor: Knight/Winston)
Carolina Maria Soto Ogueta   email  
      User innovation in digital design and construction : dialectical relations ...   (2012, advisor: Nagakura)
Alan Song-Ching Tai   email  
      Design for assembly : a computational approach to construct interlocking wo...   (2012, advisor: Nagakura)
Theodora Vardouli   email  
      Design-for-empowerment-for-design : computational structures for design dem...   (2012, advisor: Stiny)
Katia Zolotovsky   email  
      BioConstructs : methods for bio-inspired and bio-fabricated design   (2012, advisor: Knight/Ortiz)
Xiaoji Chen   email  
      Seeing differently : cartography for subjective maps based on dynamic urban...   (2011, advisor: Nagakura)
Joseph Choma   email  
      A pedagogical guide into trigonometric transformations   (2011, advisor: Sass)
Dina E El-Zanfaly   email  
      Active shapes : introducing guidelines for designing kinetic architectural ...   (2011, advisor: Knight)
Ari David Kardasis   email  
      The soft grid   (2011, advisor: Stiny)
Shani Sharif   email  
      The confluence of digital design/fabrication and biological principles : sy...   (2010, advisor: Knight)
Varvara Toulkeridou   email  
      Dynamic descriptions : steps towards a design machine   (2010, advisor: Stiny)
German Walter Aparicio   email  
      Holzbau: Timber Construction and Material Information Exchanges for the Des...   (2010, advisor: Sass)
Adela Kalenja   email  
      The Hard Hat and the Hand-Held: Communication with Hand-Held Computing in t...   (2010, advisor: Knight)
Murat Mutlu   email  
      Generative Morphologies of Architectural Organization in Matter Force Field   (2010, advisor: Knight)
Joseph Gabriel Nunez   email  
      PreFab the FabLab: Rethinking the Habitability of a Fabrication Lab by Incl...   (2010, advisor: Stiny)
Yaniv Ophir   email  
      UDesign toward a User-Centered Architecture   (2010, advisor: Knight)
Steffen H Reichert   email  
      Reverse Engineering Nature: Design Principles for Flexible Protection Inspi...   (2010, advisor: Nagakura)
Skylar Tibbits   email  
      Logic Matter: Digital Logic as Heuristics for Physical Self-Guided-Assembly   (2010, advisor: Nagakura)
Mark Masamitsu Watabe   email  
      The Shape of Digital Content: A Computing Language Based on Gibson's Ecolog...   (2010, advisor: Stiny)
Shih-sang Chiu   email  
      Collective Perception of Architecture   (2009, advisor: Knight)
Anastasios Dimas   email  
      D-work Innovation   (2009, advisor: Stiny)
Somnath Ray   email  
      INVENTION, FORM & A New Architectural Prosthetic   (2009, advisor: Mitchell)
Daniel John Smithwick   email  
      Architectural Design 2.0, An Online Platform for the Mass Customization of ...   (2009, advisor: Sass)
Ayodh Kamath   email  
      Integrating Digital Design and Fabrication with Craft Production   (2009, advisor: Knight)
Yuchen Liu   email  
      Robotic Design Construction: Digital Fabrication Strategies for Freeform Ma...   (2009, advisor: Sass)
Daniel Rosenberg   email  
      Designing for Uncertainty: Novel Shapes and Behaviors using Scissor-Pair Tr...   (2009, advisor: Sass)
Lin Yang   email  
      BIM GAME: A “Serious Game” to Educate Non-experts about Energy-related Desi...   (2009, advisor: Sass)
Huei-Sheng Carl Yu   email  
      Parametric Architecture: Performative/Responsive Assembly components   (2009, advisor: Nagakura)
Simon Yoo-Hyun Kim   email  
      I/O: Input/Output; Design Stategies: An inquiry into thinking/making   (2008, advisor: Mitchell)
Eleftheria Fasoulaki   email  Architect/Difital Design Specialist,  Woods Bagot   
      Integrated Design: A Generative Multi-Performative Design Approach   (2008, advisor: Knight)
Si Li   email  
      Data Structures for Context Responsive Modeling in Architecture   (2008, advisor: Mitchell)
Joshua M. Lobel   email  
      Building Information: Means and Methods of Communication in Design and Cons...   (2008, advisor: Stiny)
Magdalini-Eleni Pantazi   email  Faculty member/Instructor of the Academic Program,  Boston Architectural College   
      Dissecting Design: Exploring the Role of Rules in the Design Process   (2008, advisor: Stiny)
Dimitris Papanikolaou   email  
      Attribute Process Methodology: Feasibility Assessment of Digital Fabricati...   (2008, advisor: Mitchell)
Thomas Clayton Plewe   email  
      Besting the Tract Home: A Software-Based Bricolage Approach to Affordable C...   (2008, advisor: Stockard/Knight)
Rachelle Bentajado Villalon   email  
      Reasonable Computing for Architectural Fabrication   (2008, advisor: Sass)
Lu Yi   email  
      A New Approach in Data Visualization to Integrate Time and Space Variabilit...   (2008, advisor: Andersen/Nagakura)
Daniel Cardoso   email  
      A Generative Grammar for 2D Manufacturing of 3D Objects   (2007, advisor: Sass/Knight)
Kenneth Chun-Wai Cheung   email  
      Understanding Behavior with Ubiquitous Computing for Architectural Design T...   (2007, advisor: Larson)
Maher Sami El-Khaldi   email  
      Mapping Boundaries of Generative Systems for Design Synthesis   (2007, advisor: Stiny)
Kalaya Kovidvisith   email  
      Open Source Alliance Ecology: The Internet Framework for Consumer Driven Pa...   (2007, advisor: Larson)
James Maclain   email  
      Design - Make : the translation of design intention to fabrication   (2007, advisor: Sass)
JunSik Moon   email  
      Shape Grammar for Mies Van Der Rohe’s Hight-rise Apartment   (2007, advisor: Nagakura)
Taro Narahara   email  
      The Space Re-Actor: Walking a Synthetic Man through Architectural Space   (2007, advisor: Nagakura)
Matthew Giles Phillips   email  
      Design by searching : a system for creating and evaluating complex architec...   (2007, advisor: Larson)
John Hershel Rothenberg   email  Founding partner ,  Sosolimited-an Interactive Design Firm and Artist Collective   
      Indeterminate Liberal Form: Public Space in Sprawl   (2007, advisor: Knight)
Sergio Alejandro Araya   email  
      Parametric Constructs: Computational Designs for Digital Fabrication   (2006, advisor: Pendleton-JullianSass)
Marcel Botha   email  Partner , Mutopo, 42 W24 Street, New York, NY 10010 (www.mutopo.com)   
      Customized Digital Manufacturing: Concept to Construction Methods across Va...   (2006, advisor: Sass)
Shouheng Chen   email  
      Embedding Methods for Massing and Detail in Computer Generated Design of Sk...   (2006, advisor: Nagakura)
Kaustuv Kanti De Biswas   email  
      A Computational Model of Visual Interpretation   (2006, advisor: Knight)
Kenfield Allistair Griffith   email  
      Design Computing of Complex-Curved Geometry using Digital Fabrication Metho...   (2006, advisor: Sass)
Onur Yuce Gun   email  homepage  Computational Geometry Specialist, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, New York   
      Narration of Light : Computational Tools for Framing the Tonal Imagination   (2006, advisor: Nagakura)
Kenny Verbeeck   email  Project Engineer,  Ney & Partners Structural Engineering, Brussels, Belgium   
      Randomness as a Generative Principle in Art and Architecture   (2006, advisor: Stiny)
Emily Whiting   email  
      Geometric, topological & semantic analysis of multi-building floor plan dat...   (2006, advisor: Teller/Nagakura)
Johanne Blain   email  
      Translations of culture and identity : a study of Internet use in the Haiti...   (2005, advisor: Mitchell)
Panagiotis Chatzitsakyris   email  Private Architectural Practice / PhD candidate ,  (0.27 Architects) /Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece   
      The Man With The Movie Camera: An event driven approach to architectural de...   (2005, advisor: Nagakura)
Tripti Chandorkar Gore   email  Manager in the Design & Interactive Services,  Sapient Corporation   
      Users, Technology and Space in Libraries in the Digital Age   (2005, advisor: Mitchell)
Akira Gunji   email  
      Inferring Design Environment (IDE): 'Reshaping a Design Pattern as a Learni...   (2005, advisor: Knight/Stiny)
Han Mai Hoang   email  
      AUTOMATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES: Analyses and Future Development Strate...   (2005, advisor: Sass)
Marianthi Liapi   email  co-founder /Lecturer,  "124|SKG Architects"/ School of Architecture,TU of Crete   
      Spatial Diagnosis and Media Treatments   (2005, advisor: Knight)
Nicholas Shane Senske   email      
      Fear of Code: An Approach to Integrating Computation with Architectural Des...   (2005, advisor: Porter)
Maria Sinisterra   email  
      Rethinking emergency habitats for refugees : balancing material innovation ...   (2004, advisor: Porter/Goethert)
Saeed Abdulkarim Arida   email  
      Contextualizing the Generative Design   (2004, advisor: Knight)
Stylianos Dritsas   email  Associate Principal,  Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates   
      Design operators   (2004, advisor: Porter)
Keru Feng   email  
      The ethos in the form making of grand projects in contemporary Beijing City   (2004, advisor: Porter)
Victor Gane   email  
      Parametric design : a paradigm shift?   (2004, advisor: Porter)
Sameer Kashyap   email  
      Digital making : exploring design with computer controlled fabrication   (2004, advisor: Porter/Sass)
Rita Saad   email  
      Parametric tools and digital fabrication for the design of luminous ceiling...   (2004, advisor: Porter)
Jennifer Seely   email  
      Digital fabrication in the architectural design process   (2004, advisor: Porter/Sass)
Goncalo Soares   email  
      Audio-visual frameworks for design process representation   (2004, advisor: Porter)
James Tichenor   email  
      Electronically modulated materials : effects and context   (2004, advisor: Porter)
Alejandro Zulas   email  
      Adaptable architecture : a computational exploration into responsive design...   (2004, advisor: Knight)
Chiu-Fai Eddie Can   email  
      Choreographic Assemblages: An Archaeology of Movement and Space    (2003, advisor: Anderson)
Min-Jung Cho   email  
      Workspace in Transition: Rethinking Workspace through the Design of Reconfi...   (2003, advisor: Nagakura)
Meredith S. Elbaum   email  
      BridgeGreen: Bridging the Disconnect Between Design Professionals and Resou...   (2003, advisor: Fernandez)
Guoqing Janet Fan   email  
      Environment for Learning   (2003, advisor: Porter)
Sophia Lee   email  
      Wireless Bridges: The Laptop Experience in Learning Environment    (2003, advisor: Duffy/Porter)
Yanni A. Loukissas   email  
      Rulebuilding: Exploring design worlds through end-user programming    (2003, advisor: Porter/Sass)
Qiong (Julia) Wu   
      Bracket Study: Textual, Computation, Digital   (2003, advisor: Knight)
Ian Sheardwright   
      Three-Dimensional Sketch Tool   
Xiaohua Sun   email  
      Using space to think   (2002, advisor: Porter)
Fred Mburu   
      Context Modeling : Extending the parametric object model with design contex...   (2001, advisor: Takehiko Nagakura)
Miranda McGill   
      A Visual Approach for Exploring Computational Design   (2001, advisor: Terry Knight)
Rolando Jose Mendoza   email  
      Mapping/Forces/Constructing Context   (2001, advisor: Domeyko)
Franco Vairani   email  
      Behind the Screen: on the perception of computer-generated architectural re...   (2001, advisor: Nagakura)
Patrick Paul Charles    email  
      Perspectives on the Role of the Body in the Design Process: Observations f...   (2000, advisor: Porter)
Heather Crichfield   email  
      Spatial Manifestations in Pluralist Cultures: The Case of the Isleta de Sa...   (2000, advisor: Porter/Bozdogan)
Gregory L. Demchak   email  
      Towards a post-industrial architecture : design and construction of houses ...   (2000, advisor: Mitchell)
Axel Kilian   email  
      Defining Digital Space Through a Visual Language    (2000, advisor: Mitchell)
Sotirios D. Kotsopoulos   email  
      Point, Line, Plane: Basic Elements of Formal Composition in Shape Computati...   (2000, advisor: Knight)
Bryant P. Yeh   email  Principal/Founder-Yeh Studio (www.yehstudio.com), 
      Kinetic Wall: An Exploration into Flexible Structure   (1998, advisor: Mitchell/Nagakura)
Hyoung-June Park   email  Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa   
      Formalization, data abstraction, and communication   (1997, advisor: Stiny)
Projjal Dutta   email  
      Moksha: Design of Disposable Objects for Second Uses as Construction Compo...   (1997, advisor: Mitchell)
Mark Sich   email  
      Articulating Architectural Design through Computational Media   (1997, advisor: Mitchell)
Alvise Simondetti   email  ARUP   
      Rapid Prototyping in Early Stages of Architectural Design   (1997, advisor: Mitchell)
Paul E. Keel   email  
      Process and Relation Analysis: Capturing Architectural Thought   (1997, advisor: Porter)
Michael A. Fox   email  
      Novel Affordances of Computation to the Design Processes of Kinetic Structu...   (1996, advisor: Nagakura)
Lawrence Sass   email  Assistant Professor, Computation,  SA+P, MIT   
      Precedents in African American Architecture   (1994, advisor: Porter)
Jose Pinto Duarte   email  Associate Professor, Coordinator Doctoral Program,  School of Architecture,Technical University of Lisbon   
      Order and Diversity within a Modular System for Housing: A Computational Ap...   (1993, advisor: Mitchell)
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